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With the development of the Mackenzie Gas Pipeline from Inuvik, NWT to Zama, Alberta, three companies have come together with the same vision of servicing the Canadian North with a world-class, one of its kind, one-stop solution for oil and gas companies.

Community owned and operated, Mackenzie Integrated Tubular Solutions (MITS) employs a powerful, proprietary model that incorporates all aspects of the tubular supply chain, managing the entire process or portions of it, depending on the customer's needs. 

Located in Inuvik, NWT, this integrated tubular solution is a first in the Canadian North and is designed to alleviate our customers from the burden of building, staffing and investing in vital, though non-core business areas.

MITS is a joint venture between Inuvialuit Development Corporation (IDC), Northern Transportation Company Limited (NTCL) and Hallmark Tubulars Ltd. and is modeled on Hallmark Integrated Tubular Solutions (HITS), which is located in Nisku, Alberta. 

Separately, these three companies are the experts in their respective areas.  Together, with over 125 years in business, they are poised to set the standard in supply and service to oil and gas companies operating in the Canadian North.