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MITS is a joint venture between Inuvialuit Development Corporation (IDC), Northern Transportation Company Limited (NTCL) and Hallmark Tubulars Ltd. Each of these companies has proven track records of success in their particular fields of expertise. With the combined strength of all three, MITS is poised to set the standard in supply and service to oil and gas companies operating in the Canadian North.

Inuvialuit Development Corporation

The majority shareholder in MITS, Inuvialuit Development Corporation (IDC) has invested in business ventures strategically positioned to optimize each other’s success and provide return to shareholders. After 28 years, IDC is the majority shareholder in over 20 subsidiaries working in complementary industries and realizing complementary visions.

To secure their place in both business and society, the Inuvialuit underwent 10 years of negotiation with the Government of Canada to establish the first comprehensive land claim agreement signed north of the 60th parallel. To receive and manage the benefits resulting from the land claim agreement, the Inuvialuit established the Inuvialuit Regional Corporation (IRC), under which IDC became the for-profit, tax-paying business arm for investing land claim capital.

IDC made its first investment of $10 million in 1977. Today, IDC’s commitment to safeguard the assets of the Inuvialuit remains its guidepost.

The challenging working conditions of the Canadian North demand exceptional business practice. Business leaders succeed in these conditions only with detailed knowledge of quality control, staff training, work safety, and environmental responsibility. IDC companies, north and south, share this knowledge and follow through with superior service.

Northern Transportation Company Limited

Northern Transportation Company Limited (NTCL) is a pan-Arctic marine operator, providing cost-effective, reliable and comprehensive marine transportation and related services throughout Northern Canada and the Arctic.

NTCL is a principal transportation link for the movement of bulk petroleum products and dry cargo to many communities, oil and gas exploration sites and defense installations across the North.

By Northern Canadian standards, NTCL is a very long established company, having provided marine services throughout the Mackenzie River Watershed since 1934 and along the Western Arctic coast and islands since 1957. Arctic service was extended to Alaska in 1963, when the Company was the first to transport a drill rig by barge to Alaska's North Slope. In 1975, operations were inaugurated from the Port of Churchill, Manitoba to service communities in the Kivalliq region of Nunavut.

Since the late seventies, NTCL's presence in the Eastern Arctic has included marshalling operations, dry cargo delivery and fuel procurement and delivery via tanker. Today, charter service for a variety of ship and tug types is available for project work throughout the Baffin and Kivalliq regions of Nunavut.

Today, NTCL’s scheduled marine transportation systems cover 5,000 kilometers.

NTCL is a member of the NorTerra group of companies.

Hallmark Tubulars Ltd.

Hallmark began in 1980 with 1 employee and has grown rapidly, surpassing 130 employees in 2006. In retrospect, Hallmark can attribute its meteoric growth and success to four main factors:

  • Visionary leadership
  • Unwavering core values
  • A first-rate team of people
  • Excellent industry relationships

  • Hallmark began as Hallmark Tubulars, a supplier of premium OCTG and Line Pipe products, and today, tubular sales and service remains very much the core of Hallmark’s business, offering tubular procurement, management and inventory services to the oil and gas industry.

    In 1998, Hallmark introduced its second division, Hallmark Technical Services (HTS), out of a need to ensure that the quality of the products supplied by the tubulars division was not compromised through the installation process. HTS has grown rapidly and is now one of the largest supervision services companies in Western Canada.

    In 2005, Hallmark celebrated its 25th year by launching an industry first – its one-stop tubular services division, Hallmark Integrated Tubular Solutions (HITS) in Nisku, Alberta. HITS incorporates all aspects of the tubular supply chain, managing the entire process, or portions of it, providing a unique product and service offering that results in improved quality and safety, as well as significant cost savings and efficiencies for its customers.